Visible in various facets

At a Brand Event aboard the Pure-Liner, we will make sure that your brand is visible and takes centre stage. Your brand is a real experience aboard the Pure-Liner, where you can taste the event, experience the atmosphere and enjoy the ever-changing decor. Stimulate the senses of your target audience by stepping aboard and awaken creative concepts. Your brand event aboard the Pure-Liner will be an unforgettable experience.

Your brand event in 3D

With Pure-Liner, you can organise your brand event any way you want. If needed, we can draw up blueprints or 3D impressions of the arrangement of your brand event in advance. The furniture can easily be branded with logos or other expressions, which creates a unique atmosphere that fits your company in every way.

A special location for your brand event

Two sailing event locations that can’t be ignored on the Dutch, Belgian and German rivers. The ships have an almost identical size, look and feel. This unique location contributes to a lasting impact and special memories of your brand event. Thanks to the good size of the ships, they can dock in most places. These modern ships harbour Road Shows, Presentations, Dinners, Company Parties, Brand Events and Conferences from 75 to 600 guests. Both ships together can accommodate 1,200 guests in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne and many other cities. 

Why hire Pure-Liner for your brand event


  • Unique event location on the water
  • Suitable for groups of 75 to 1200 guests
  • Docking/sailing on the rivers of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • 3D impressions of your event
  • Furniture can be decorated with logos or other expressions


Events on the Pure-liner







Brand event