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Meeting place for knowledge transfer and networking

The rooms aboard the Pure-Liners are suited perfectly for various types of meetings, such as conferences and symposiums. Thanks to the spacious theatre and the flexible arrangement options, the ships are suited for groups of 75 to 250 guests. 


Unique conference on the water

We sail the inland waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The height of our ships allows us to navigate many waterways and visit unique locations for your (business) events. Docking for a longer period of time in, say, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Cologne, or combining different locations? Everything is possible!

An expeditious conference location

Two sailing event locations that can’t be ignored on the Dutch, Belgian and German rivers. The ships have an almost identical size, look and feel. This unique location contributes to a lasting impact and special memories of your brand event. Thanks to the good size of the ships, they can dock in most places. These modern ships harbour Road Shows, Presentations, Dinners, Company Parties, Brand Events and Conferences from 75 to 600 guests. Both ships together can accommodate 1,200 guests in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne and many other cities. 

Why hire a Pure-Liner for your conference?


  • Unique conference location on the water
  • Suitable for groups of 75 to 1200 guests
  • Docking/sailing the waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • Option of 3D impressions of your event
  • Furniture branded with logos or other expressions


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